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Our Players

Creative Director

Alan Trammel

Alan Ray Trammel is an American Comedian, Actor, Artist, Writer, Office Clerk and Visionary. Making people laugh since age five, Alan has honed his craft to make friends and influence people. Find him patronizing a burrito stand or on stage performing Improv Comedy with Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed. He likes cheese.

Anna Lepa

Chris Seidman

Chris has been a member of Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed since 2005. He has performed in the best (and not-so-best) venues in Tucson, and mostly loved every minute of it. Chris is the current Executive Director of Unscrewed Theater, so please direct your positive and negative feedback to him. Just not during tonight’s show, please.

Cy Barlow

Cy Barlow is a musician with an IT day job. She’s a perpetual student of music, theater, and improv and relishes every opportunity to entertain people. She performs with Unscrewed Theater’s Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed and From The Top and with Tucson’s nerdiest steel drum band, Apocalypso. Cy is probably not your uncle.

David Gunther

David is an incredibly silly person, with a passion for every sort of artistic performance he can get people to watch or listen to. He’s sang lead in a band, streamed games on Twitch, been in more than one choir, fought in medieval tournaments, and done stage acting and improv at the Gaslight, Beowulf, Comedy Playhouse, Community Players, Scoundrel & Scamp, and Unscrewed Theatres in Tucson.

He currently works as an IT technician, kicking printers and instructing people to turn it off and on again, when not up on a stage or in a recording booth somewhere, or just stuck in whatever latest book or video game he has gotten hooked on. He’s very happy to provide his manic energy, wacky wordplay, and musical stylings to the short-form comedy experience that is Not Burnt Out, Just Unscrewed. Here’s hoping you have as much fun watching as he does up there on stage!

Dawn McMillan

Gail Adamitis

Gail has been making people laugh since her first breath. Sometimes, it’s even on purpose. Still uses a flip phone. She hates these bio’s and wishes they would go away. If you run into her, avoid eye contact at all costs.

Jessica Spenny

Carbon based bipedal organism pretending to be clever.

John Reimann

John has been acting since he was in second grade, with his first play being The Nutcracker. He hasn’t been able to stop since. He even got his bachelors degree in acting. He has been doing improv for the past 7 years. He is grateful for Unscrewed Theater to let him be a part of such an amazing troupe.

Jon Benda

Jon has mucked about in theaters since he was 13 (it was 1968). He has even been paid to do it. He has played everything from kings to carrots. Designed sets and lights. Costuming he leaves to others. His favorite part is the next one.

Kate Morter

Matt Beaudry

Matt Beaudry: family man, musician, perpetual procrastinator. trophy husband to Mari, and ever present father to Miakoda, Danger, and Marceline. Matt never makes plans and prefers to live life loosely outlined and by the seat of his pants.

Mike Vietinghoff

Mike has been performing with Unscrewed Theater’s house troupe, Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed for over 13 years. He is the former Executive Director of Unscrewed Theater and has also done staged plays and various musical performances. In his spare time, he checks Facebook and noodles around on the guitar.

Monica Rhodes

Once upon a time there was a young lady who enjoyed acting for the stage and screen. She was happy enough, but something was missing in the depths of her being.  Then she discovered IMPROV and was welcomed by all in improv land.  She was wooed and fell passionately in love.  Now she and improv are living happily ever after.

Rick Kyle

After being a career soldier, Rick Kyle now spends all his time playing X-box, being funny, or watching British crime drama on Netflix… His appetite for abuse not quite satiated, he still performs work for shadowy govt organizations, and can be found espousing conservative political ideas amongst his hyper-liberal theatre buddies… Of those, wich is more dangerous is still up for debate

Rob Sparks

Rob has left a path of improv and theatrical destruction in his wake that covers vast regions of space and time. Since joining his first improv troupe in 1986, he has been balancing physics and astronomy by day with improv and theater by night. Currently he can be seen performing with Not Burnt Out, Just Unscrewed, From The Top and saving the world (when he’s not trying to destroy it ) with Comic Chaos. Outside of improv he is currently a member of One Rehearsal Short in Tucson.

Rosanne Crago

Rosanne was NBOJU’s biggest fan and groupie for several years. She took the workshops and started coming to rehearsals so she could laugh more often. She loves performing and creating characters on the spot. Her New York/Italian origins explain her ability to be witty and sarcastic. She is the author of “Lighting the Way – Metaphysical Perspectives on Navigating the Human Experience.” In her spare time, she performs weddings (for other people) – she is single and available.

Ryan Saxer

Scott Shaver

Scott was born in the heady year of 1968, but can be neither blamed, nor credited, with the changes sweeping society at that time. He has primarily supported himself as a teacher, but secretly, in his head, he thinks of himself as a writer. Scott has been with the troupe since 2003, however as the proud owner of more that three ten-thousandths of a bit coin, can retirement and Monte Carlo be far behind? So see Scott before fortune sweeps him away.

Susie Carey

A Tucson native, Susie recently spent a few years in Hawaii. Ultimately, the Green Corn Tamales called her back and she’s resumed permanent residency in the Grand Canyon state. When she isn’t changing futures and lives at the local technical college, Susie enjoys spending time with her family and randomly breaking into song.

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Our Shows

In the mood for something different? Tired of movies and shows you can’t take your kids to? Come on out and see an Improv Comedy show with Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed!

Working without a script we create fast paced games and scenes based on audience participation and suggestion. Every show is different because we never know what you’ll throw at us! Bring the whole family out for an evening of laughter and fun, you’ll be glad you did!

Our People

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed members past and present have trained with professional groups such as The Actors Studio in Tucson, The Groundlings in L.A, The Jester’z in Scottsdale, and The Second City of Chicago. But the majority of us have no professional theatrical experience.

We come from a wide variety of fields such as casino workers, psychotherapists, interior designers, customer service representatives, hotel workers, college recruiters, students, administrative assistants, teachers, computer programmers, real estate agents, photographers, a physicist, and more.

We range in age from early twenties to late sixties. We are always looking to add new people to our troupe to continue to ensure that we have an interesting mix of dynamic life experiences.

Our History

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed was created in May 2002 as an outlet for actors, comedians, and performers in the Tucson area by Donnie Cianciotto. Donnie hoped to bring together a unique group of people from different backgrounds with different levels of experience to create a well rounded and eclectic performance troupe.

Emulating the improv greats, Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed has grown from an experiment into a phenomenon, and we look forward to providing southern Arizona with many more years of entertainment!

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed has always taken pride in providing high quality comedic entertainment that is accessible to all ages.

Our Theater

Unscrewed Theater (4500 E. Speedway Blvd #39) is our new home.

Opening a theater allows us to consistently present our shows, offer classes, host other troupes, and provide a venue for all of Tucson to experience improvisational comedy in a variety of formats! Please join us for our upcoming shows and celebrate our future!

Get In Touch

Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed is available for private or corporate events. Drop us a note if you’d like to know more.

For information on upcoming shows, visit the Unscrewed Theater website.

Contact Us

Past Directors

Mark White
Donnie Cianciotto

Former Players

Brian Armstrong
Eddie Arriola
Jennifer Baker
Kelli Bednar
Mark Berry
Scotty Bouwens
Elvia Bow
Alicia Butler
Cris Candelario
Nicky Cianciotto
Mary Coffelt
Mara Concordia
Jillian Courtney
Matt De Vaney
Gedi Feliciano
Priscilla Fernandez
Moriah Flagler
Bill Fuller
Anastasia Gorbunova
Chuck Graff
Carla Green
Matrika Hay
Carolyn Hokin
Aidan Hutchins
Eric James
Andrew Jones
Kenton Jones
Christine Kierce
Yarrow King
Adam Lester
Sara Lohman
Sara Lowden
Hilary Lyons
Billie Maas
Kristen Macellaro
Dan Mandell
Randall McDonald
Vicki McGee
Angela Nicole
Sara Nixon-Kirschner
Django Paris
Erin Parks
Mandy Paulson
James Payne
Seth Pepper
Kataya Plett
Molly Proue
Cameron Rau
Ruth Rickman
Ian Roussopolis
Ute Rowland
Stacey Seaman
Traci Smith
Elizabeth Sullens
Walter Temple
Paul Theriault
Sara Thompson
Martie van der Voort
Whitney Weber
Jake Weimer
Jennifer Williams
Gretchen Wirges
Anna Yasin
Andrea Young